Student Connections


Hundreds of student activities are organized around familiar subjects-courses-chapters-topics, yet naturally integrate skills/knowledge across disciplines.

Key features include:

  • Alignment to state learning standards

  • Focus on a real-world essential question that shows the importance of each curriculum topic

  • Provide links to authenticated current and historical primary source information and related web sites, providing "safe" and efficient internet use

  • Model a proven, research-based problem-solving process for using information resources in the context of core curriculum content

  • Integrate interactive graphic organizers designed for both individual and group work in analyzing/applying Internet information to solve problems

  • Support for multiple assessment models

    • Standards-based assessment--all student activities are aligned with state standards in multiple subject areas

    • Criterion-referenced assessment--self-check's on vocabulary/comprehension for featured article in each student activity (all subject areas)

    • Standardized assessment--"Self-checks" give students experience with common standardized testing formats using both open and closed items.

    • Project-based--all activities require students to apply/demonstrate skills and knowledge in a real-world context, using self/peer/teacher-scored on-line performance rubrics