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Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional Development

Beyond mere product training, our staff development program is based upon research indicating that effective staff development must be active and collaborative. Rather than simply focusing on software features, our workshops actively involve teachers in constructing their own resource-based instructional units. Furthermore, staff development must be flexible to be designed to the needs of your school or district.

That's why we provide several flexible workshop and service options.

On-site Workshops

Interactive, hands-on, collaborative workshops conducted in your school, each led by our Curriculum & Instruction Specialist.

On-line Workshops

These unique, self-paced workshops are delivered via the Internet, and are assessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customized Workshops
We specialize in tailoring our workshops to support your own district/school staff development program by focusing on:

  • local curriculum/program goals

  • targeted subject areas or grade levels

  • local instructional initiatives

Customized Correlations
We can provide your teachers with customized on-line menus which map our student activities, lesson plans and teaching tools with the scope and sequence of your local textbooks or standards documents.