On-site Workshops

Introduction To NewsBank On-Line Resources  (45 - 90 minutes)
This practical, hands-on orientation introduces teachers to the power of on-line search strategies for cross-curricular, primary source information. Designed for all levels of computer proficiency, this is a prerequiste mini-course for other NewsBank Professional Development courses.

Information Literacy Skills Across The Curriculum  (3 - 6 hours)
In our information age, what skills are more important than the ability to access, evaluate, organize and apply information to solve problems? This work-shop shares practical models that intergrate information literacy skills in support of state/local curriculum standards - in all subject areas.  Elementary & Secondary

Scans  (3 - 6 hours)
Build stronger school-to-career connections by incorporating SCANS employability and information problem-solving skills across the curriculum. Designed for both academic and vocational teachers, uses primary-source information to connect classroom learning to the real world. Learn to develop units of instruction using both topics and learning activities that support both academic and vocational success.

Problem-Based Learning  (3 - 6 hours)
Prepare students for life by apply their learning to solve real-world problems. Learn to create challenging and authentic problem-solving activities in interdisciplinary settings. Includes practical methods for coaching and assessment.  Elementary & Secondary

ESL In The Content Areas  (3 - 6 hours)
Develop intergrated units based on research findings that suggest effective ESL instruction challenges student linguistic, academic and cognitive development. Raise expectations and achievement while improving student motivation by using real-world issues and content. Includes an optional module on Spanish-language content instruction.

Performance Assessment  (3 - 6 hours)
Improve critcal thinking by challenging students to solve problems that meet specific performance outcomes. This workshop gives you a road map and ready-to-use tools such as student portfolios to measure the process, not just the product, of student learning.  Elementary & Secondary

Content-Area Reading Strategies For Improved Achievement  (3 - 6 hours)
Beyond drill-and-practice of isolated skills, learn new techniques for applying specific reading strategies in the context of Meaningful real-world content in social studies, science, mathematics and current events.  Elementary & Secondary

Real-World Projects For Motivating At-Risk Students  (3 - 6 hours)
Ideal for alternative schools, this workshop harnesses primary source information to help teachers create a higher-quality learning experience for at-risk students. Design activities that use real-world topics that not only capture your students' attention, but also challenge them to apply skills and think critically.

Adult Education & GED  (3 - 6 hours)
Translate adult learning theory into practice by creating a learning environment that is problem-centered and focused on high-interest topics. Design activities in which learners apply new skills in the context of adult basic education and GED objectives.

Train-The-Trainer  (12 hours)
Become a certified "NewsBank Staff Development Specialist" in your school district. Gain an in-depth understanding of NewsBank curriculum resources and learn to apply the latest techniques in adult learning to facilitate your own workshops.

Brain-Based Learning  (3 - 6 hours)
Apply research on the brain to the challenge of using technology effectivly in the curriculum. Topics include: transferring from sensory to long-term memory, current research, and implications for on-line learning.

Technology In The Science, Social Studies, Language Arts Or Math Classroom  (3 - 6 hours)
Select individual subject-area focus, then develop intergrated units based on local standards, as well as those set forth by the NCSS, NSTA, NCTM, and NCTE. Use primary source information to connect classroom topics to the real-world, while challenging critical thinking/problem solving in the context of a targeted subject area.