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Curriculum Solutions

Welcome to the next generation of on-line learning!

Imagine the excitement of a student who really understands how classroom topics relate to important and interesting things in the real world. Imagine the confidence of a teacher who knows that the technology in their classroom directly supports research-based best practices for improving reading/writing in all subject areas.

That's why we endeavor to bridge the connections between instruction that is standards-based AND authentic. Our Internet-delivered curriculum makes it easy for teachers and students to make that connection by providing:

  • Providing over 1,000 online, interactive student activities for all subject areas

  • Alignment to state learning standards

  • Links to over 3000 authenticated real-world sources of information

  • Internet access to school and home for students, teachers and parents

  • Customized curriculum for local standards or textbooks

  • Support for multiple assessment models

    • Standards-based

    • Norm-referenced

    • Criterion-referenced

    • Project-based

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